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Did you know that a non-profit organisation authorised to issue tax certificates must meet strict conditions?


For many years, the npo Beyond the Moon is recognised by the Federal Public Service Finance and can therefore issue tax-deductible receipts. This means that the cash donations we receive provide a tax benefit to donors. We are proud to announce that this recognition was renewed once again.

Note: For donations made in 2020, the tax benefit will be of 60% (instead of 45%) of the amount actually paid and mentioned on the tax certificate. This is an exceptional support measure from the government, as many non-profit organisations suffered from lost revenues due to Covid-19.


In order to maintain this recognition, strict conditions and controls are applied. For example, a donation must be made totally "free of return": there can be no compensation in return, except for the tax deductible receipt. In addition, donations received can only be used up to a maximum of 20% to cover operating costs.


Costs such as for example printing promotional material, purchasing a printer, setting up a website or other running expenses, including staff costs, can therefore hardly or not at all be funded by donations received. Therefore, Beyond the Moon spends a lot of time and efforts negotiating with large and small businesses to freely help us out in keeping our costs down.


For many years, we can annually count on the support of a number of loyal partners, who fully cover our operating costs. (particularly accounting, mailings, printing, graphic design, website, IT support, legal advice, etc.) They offer their services, knowledge and expertise, as well as work tools and other resources free of charge or at a preferential rate. This is how we save on our operating costs and can efficiently use the donations received. We focus on what we exist for: offering a carefree vacation to families with a seriously ill child.


The above is only applicable to Belgian citizens and/or Belgian-based companies.