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On Saturday 15 July 2023, an extraordinary milestone moment was celebrated at Center Parcs Erperheide, because together we welcomed the 150th Beyond the Moon family!   


"We are extremely thankful and grateful to Center Parcs for our successful collaboration since 2005. This festive moment reminds us that, when companies and charities work together, we are able to positively impact the life of families with a sick child," emphasizes Pascale Somers, Manager of Beyond the Moon. "With Covid-19, we have all experienced the impact on our mental well-being of the restrictions to our freedom. We have experienced the fear of contamination and were often frustrated and stressed about feeling locked in. This is daily occurrence for many of our target group. Therefore, a Beyond the Moon vacation is absolutely not a superfluous luxury for them. It is necessary to reload their batteries for the daily care and to fight against the disease, often for a very long time or even lifelong."   


Together with her mother, brother Shawn and grandmother, 10-year-old Shaiya stayed at Center Parcs Erperheide for four days. “We are really pampered and can finally do fun things together in a relaxing environment.  It gives us joy and pleasure to relax completely, so that we forget our worries and enjoy quality time together. Beyond the Moon has thought of every detail and taken care of everything, including the medical devices for Shaiya. Simply fantastic!” 


Beyond the Moon handed over a grateful memento to Vera Geebelen, CSR Manager Center Parcs, who added: "This will have a special place in our office. We look forward to continuing our pleasant partnership for many years to come and hope it also inspires others to join the heartwarming Beyond the Moon story!"