The Disney Wish Programme will not yet make any bookings for charities such as Beyond the Moon this Summer and hence no "blue badge" will be granted to our families. Such a blue badge offers them VIP treatment, encounters and hugs with Disney characters and extra pampering. 


The park is open for the public (17/6), but there are no day or evening parades, no fireworks, not all hotels and restaurants are open yet, seating on certain attractions must be reserved in advance, no hugs from the Disney characters... in short, no magic!


Together, we are of the opinion that without the blue badge there is no magic for our brave children who need it the most. Moreover, the risks for our target group are still too great during the coming months and primary care physicians do not grant yet a medical authorisation to travel. Of course, we feel very sad that we have to postpone our Beyond the Moon holidays. But, we fully respect the restrictions that everyone imposes in the interest of all concerned parties.  


In consultation with the department of the Disney Wish Programme, we are currently looking for a possible solution to resolve the major backlog of our bookings at an accelerated pace in the short run. We must remain hopeful that the tide will soon turn, and we keep our fingers crossed for resumption thanks to the full swing vaccination campaign going on in all countries! 


We hope to be able to contact all families awaiting a vacation with more and better news as from the autumn!