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As charity, Beyond the Moon's focus on quality was high for over 16 years. This means that we set high standards for our own work and that of others and constantly strive to improve it. A simple definition of the word "quality" is the extent to which goods and services meet the requirements, needs and specifications of the buyer, customer and user. 


Beyond the Moon wants to be able to continue to offer good service and quality all-in vacations to our families with a sick child, who have specific needs and requirements. Because restrictions are still imposed due to Covid-19, despite numerous relaxations, we believe that doing half of the work does not make anyone happy and pleased.  


There is no satisfaction when we fall short and fail to adequately meet the needs and expectations of such families because of the corona situation.


We also want to continue showing service and quality-oriented results to our sponsors. They also deserve that 100% satisfaction for the support they give us. That is the reason why we ask for more patience. We remain positive and are convinced that the objectives of our “Offer a Vacation” project will soon be implemented again, together with our vacation partners.