Together with his parents, sister and brother, 13-year-old Rune thoroughly enjoyed his stay at Center Parcs Bostalsee in Germany. Even though cycling in this region was quite (too) tough, there was still a lot of other fun things to experience!   


"The Beyond the Moon vacation was for us a very nice ending to two years of misery. Thanks to you, we were able to enjoy ourselves as a family again. Being busy with the children, as parents should be with their children. Playing football, swimming, laughing, enjoying the little things... not sitting in the hospital, being all separated. 

For me, as a mom, it was especially blissful that I didn't have to cook thanks to the two buffets a day where we could eat whatever we felt like. Eating together without having to cook. So great! Our family motto has always been "HAKUNA MATATA" and it certainly applied during our vacation. "You don't have any worries, just make sure you enjoy" and we did. At 100 miles per hour, five days in a row!"