8-year-old Noah had the pleasure of experiencing the magical Christmas atmosphere of Disneyland Paris with his family. Their beautiful feedback is heartwarming for everyone who made it possible. 


"This one-in-a-lifetime Beyond the Moon vacation has brought immense joy to our entire family. Witnessing the delight in the sick child and the siblings had been priceless. For the sick child, it is a transformative experience, offering a respite from challenges. As parents, we are overwhelmed with gratitude; it is a beacon of light in challenging times. Beyond the Moon's generosity has not only created magical moments, but also strengthened the bonds within our family, leaving an indelible positive impact. Your holiday package, services and approach exceeded our expectations, creating a truly enchanting Disney experience. Every detail was meticulously crafted, making our dream holiday extraordinary. We wouldn't change a thing, it was perfect. Your team’s dedication and exceptional service made us feel truly special. This trip of a lifetime will forever be etched in our hearts, thanks to your outstanding efforts. Your commitment to making dreams come true is commendable and appreciated."