Seven-year-old Kate experienced unforgettable magical moments at Disneyland Paris. A meeting with Santa Claus himself, a warm hug from Snow White, and even a dance with one of her favourite Disney characters! Happiness radiated from her and the twinkle in her eyes was heartwarming. Sometimes the smallest moments bring the greatest joy. Another happy family grateful for these enchanting memories that made this Christmas season extra special. (more photos on our Facebook and Instagram)


“This has been a life-changing holiday. We were treated like VIPs in Disneyland Paris. The whole experience was seamless and ran without any problem. The wish pass was unbelievable, and it made movement around the park seamless. Every aspect ran so smoothly, and all transfers were on time and immaculate. All restaurants were also perfect and beautifully themed. All stress was removed from having a holiday. When you have a child with a complex medical condition, holidays become difficult to organise or sometimes are not possible. Having a holiday paid for is a huge stress removed from the family. From the moment we arrived in our hotel in Dublin to our point of return, all the small touches were very special.  It was the most AMAZING trip. Kate had the time of her life. From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much for allowing us to make these special memories. We are forever grateful for these memories.”