The big smile on 14-year-old Britt's face really speaks volumes! Fabulous! Even though there was some delay on the return journey due to force majeure (halfway on a defective Thalys train, but fortunately with all comfort in first class), it could not spoil the fun and wonderful memories of a super lovely stay at Disneyland Paris.   


"We were very pleased to be able to go as 'normal' as possible and at the same time be treated like real VIPs. Wow! That blue badge was just so fantastic! We are a single-parent family, with this stupid disease on top of that. Therefore, it felt twice as nice to be able to enjoy for once. As single parent, I would like to also thank you because an extra person could join us. This way, both Britt and her brother could really enjoy this amazing experience. Britt loved every second of it. She could forget the past and future worries for three days. Thanks!"