Two brothers, who experienced moments they could never experience together before. Being a superhero is all 12-year-old Ilyan always wanted to be and these days he was much more than that. 


“He left with a suitcase full of medication for Disneyland Paris, but came back with a suitcase full of fun, beautiful magical memories. We want to thank you for the super magical journey that we were able to experience! During three days, there was a smile on Ilyan's face! With his Disney Wish lanyard, all gates to the superhero realm opened. He met several characters from the Marvel movies, a dream that came true. He was a VIP superhero! You don't know how happy you've made him. Now he's exhausted, tired from a great trip, but this was so worth it! So happy! Also, for his brother Xiebe, this was a fantastic 3-day. He turned out to be a real super brother and pushed Ilyan's wheelchair all the time. This was the first time we could travel together as a family. We will carry those memories in our heart for the rest of our life. He will lifelong cherish this! Thank you for making us, and Ilyan in particular, enjoy ourselves so much and for letting him be the superhero of his dreams. Just a hero on a magical journey!”