The 14-year-old Baran was over the moon when he was finally allowed to go to the swimming pool again. Together with his family, he enjoyed all the activities and the delicious meals at Sunparks Oostduinkerke.  


“You made us feel the presence of precious people, like you, by our side in the most difficult moments. It gave us strength and a huge moral boost. We didn't feel alone. For a long time, we were deprived of almost all activities because of our son's illness. Our kids were very excited and so were we. It is impossible to describe the entry into the pool and our son's contact with the water. He couldn’t go to any swimming pool for almost three years because of his illness. We had some very emotional moments. We had the pleasure of cycling freely around the village as a family. We had time for ourselves and had so much fun and rest. Thank you very much for giving us these opportunities. Thanks for everything!” 


Photo credit: Pauline Lemmens