We thank you for your interest in Beyond the Moon and for sending us the online application form "Nominate a sick child". 


Nominating a family with a sick child and sending in this online form does not guarantee that this request will be positively accepted.  


First, we need to discuss our selection criteria once again with the child's primary care physician and get his/her approval for a holiday. Second, Beyond the Moon will need to check whether it has sufficient funds available to accept this request and pay the vacation costs. Therefore, to avoid disappointments, we kindly ask you not to make any promisesto the sick child and his/her family, until a full and thorough investigation has taken place. 


We respect the privacy of the sick child and the family. All medical information is treated confidentially and is neither discussed nor passed on to third parties, unless this is required for the fulfilment of the family vacation and, only provided the child's parent(s), guardian(s) or foster parent(s) have given his (their) consent.


We will follow up this online application as soon possible on a first come, first served basis. However, should this application be eligible and be considered by the primary care physician as a 'rush application' you may very soon expect an answer.


Thank you for your understanding.


Yours sincerely,
Beyond the Moon Team