'Offer a Vacation'  versus  'Paint a Smile'

Like many others in 2020-2021, Beyond the Moon was also hit very hard by the corona crisis. As from March 2020, the world was upside down because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our holiday partners had to either (temporarily) close their doors and/or modify or cancel a number of entertainment facilities. For the first time since our inception in 2005, our all-in holiday package could not be offered. Additionally, the primary care physicians could not give a medical authorisation to go on vacation. In short, our main “Offer a Vacation” project aimed at our target group could not be implemented until further notice and was on hold for 25 months!


However, we didn't spend time doing nothing. Despite and partly because of Covid-19, we decided to start a second, new project that is not dependent on the travel sector. This is how our secondary project 'Paint a Smile' was born in the Spring of 2021. This project brings colour into the life of, among others, hospitalised children to make them forget for a while about the all too often traumatic medical world.  
With these two projects, we put a smile on a sick child's face before, during or after a stay or consultation at the hospital. Below, we put our complementary projects side by side: