Beyond the Moon collaborates with specific holiday partners. The family may possibly choose between a quiet holiday village or Disneyland Resort Paris, once all the criteria, as well as the advantages and disadvantages have been discussed with the child's primary care physician: a.o. Is the child fit enough for all our holiday destinations? Should some incentives be avoided? Can the sick child go into a subtropical swimming pool? Can all the medical equipment and needs be arranged on site regardless of the destination? In short, the doctor can be asked to help in assessing which holiday destination is most suitable. Many families prefer to stay close to home, so the trip is not too tiring for the sick child. For medically complicated situations, together with the doctor and the family, we can opt for a holiday destination located nearby a hospital.


Therefore, the holiday destinations are first thoroughly discussed and assessed with the child's primary care physician who, upon mutual agreement, delivers his written medical authorisation for this family vacation with the sick child.


The family can not submit her preference for or choose a specific holiday village at one of our holiday partners. This is determined by Beyond the Moon in consultation with the holiday partner(s). The possibilities are investigated according to the availability for the preferred travel dates, the size of the family, the age of the child(ren), the medical needs of the sick child, etc.


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