"Being the godmother of Beyond the Moon has made my life more valuable."

Beyond the Moon Meter Gella Vandecaveye


Since 1988, our godmother Gella Vandecaveye (Olympic ex-judo) and her mentor Eddy Vinckier are as two peas in a pod and inseparable Siamese twins. One rarely sees such a good relationship between athlete and coach... theirs is unique in the sports world.

Gella and Eddy are both extremely passionate, not only in what they promise to do, but also in what they accomplish for and with Beyond the Moon. They help us on a voluntary basis to broaden our network so as to increase and promote our name awareness through (sports) team building and other fundraising actions in favour of our charity. Since 2009, Gella is our proud Godmother.


"The heartwarming families testimonials are the main reason why we remain voluntarily and wholeheartedly committed to this charity. They testify how hard these families need some relaxation, fun and enjoyment in life to help cope with the daily stress and fight against the disease. They also teach us that many hardships and challenges that "healthy people" sometimes face are very relative as compared to the serious problems, concerns and fears of these families. That's why Beyond the Moon gets my support and I proudly wear its colors."



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