How our story started in 2005...


In 2004, Ben Ancher and Pascale Somers were both working for an international hotel chain where they were in charge of a similar charity as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. Ben was voluntarily involved on top of his management function and it was a full-time job for Pascale. Together with hotel colleagues in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), they organised fundraising actions to finance holidays for children with a life-threatening illness and their families. At that time, the vacation destinations were Give Kids the World in Orlando (Florida, USA) and Disneyland Resort in Paris.  


Over a period of seven years, more than 150 families from across the EMEA region could benefit from a vacation. It was a tremendous success and there was a true charitable team spirit. The project was a stable value within the company’s philosophy. Until the end of 2004, when after a reorganisation, the new management decided otherwise and put an end to this CSR-project. However, Ben and Pascale refused to stop their activities. They were determined to continue their heartwarming work independently, despite the lack of employer support.   

This is how Ben and Pascale founded Beyond the Moon as a non-profit organisation under the Belgian law on 18 May 2005. Its statutes were published in the Belgian Official Journal ("Belgisch Staatsblad") with the national registration number: 873.856.370. In accordance with the Belgian law, it has its registered office in Belgium: Zandstraat 27 K B-2223 Schriek (Grootlo/Heist-op-den-Berg), Belgium.

Elena en PS.png

Since then, Ben entrusted the daily management to Pascale. As President, his professional experience and advice play an important role. With a lot of passion and dedication, Pascale commits herself daily on a full-time basis to make Beyond the Moon thrive. Elena Delisse is our loyal employee from the beginning. She works part time and is the sympathetic ear for our families. She devotes herself body and soul to the organisation of the unforgettable family vacation that we offer once to our families with a sick child.


Beyond the Moon is an independent entity that is solely responsible for its own legal, financial, managerial and strategic decisions. A group of entrepreneurs, from different business sectors and various nationalities, supports the organisation by volunteering their expertise and network. Together we strive for quality rather than quantity.