Help families with your donation

Every donation is heartily welcome. You can make a payment by standing order (e.g. monthly) or make a single annual donation by bank transfer or online on our website.

IBAN: BE41 0014 7129 7010  


Or scroll down to our "Donate Online" button.


For businesses, community relations or sponsoring is possible.
Community Relations is defined as support to Beyond the Moon without direct impact on the company, i.e. without mentioning the company name. A company that embraces the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) believes it is important to take part in the life and well-being of the community in which it operates.
Sponsorship is defined as a financial contribution to Beyond the Moon and is a form of advertising with a commercial value for the company, namely by promoting one of its products or services, its visibility or brand image, with mention of the sponsor's name or logo. When it comes to sponsorship of a charitable event, it is also referred to as event marketing or cause marketing.


P.S. Beyond the Moon is a non-profit organisation registered in Belgium. We issue a tax-deductible receipt for Belgian residents and Belgian-based companies that make a minimum donation of € 40,00 per calendar year.

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