The right to practice sports and play are basic rights for all children. But, not everyone has the ability to move and exercise. Hence, do you exercise and play sports and do you have the heart in the right place? Then, Beyond the Moon is the perfect partner for you.


Something for everyone: Fervent joggers, experienced hikers, passionate cyclists, motivated swimmers, bitten hockey players, competitive golfers, striving dancers, driven rowers, tennis or basketball players, ... or simply people, who exercise for leisure. It is important to consider different passions and levels. Some are fanatic athletes, others are slightly less. View some inspiring examples here. 


A challenging aspect for a greater experience: In addition to the social aspect, you should also consider the sportive challenge. Sports events with a challenging aspect enhance the experience and contribute to a greater experience. Thus, let your efforts (or kilometres) and commitment be sponsored by family members, friends, acquaintances, colleagues with a donation to Beyond the Moon and together strive to collect a great amount "as icing on the cake" to offer a family with a seriously ill child a carefree holiday. 


Alone, with friends or colleagues:  As charity, we do not organise sports events ourselves, but we call on our sympathisers and supporters to participate in existing sporting events organised by third parties and/or in collaboration with Beyond the Moon. Check our calendar

Do you prefer to take up a different sporting challenge alone or with friends in favour of our association? Or, as a company, do you want to connect your employees during a sporting activity and link it to Beyond the Moon? Let us know via the button below and inform us on your sports activity. 


Make your participation visible: Put our charity in the spotlight by wearing our sports outfit: more info about our cycling outfit and our new sports/running shirt. Think of extra visibility by personalising our sports outfits with your company logo. Or print our logo on the sports shirt of your company. Together, we will discuss the possibilities and turn it into a unique sports experience!


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