"Beyond the Moon gives hope, energy and joy" - Families with a sick child constantly cherish the hope for better times and more enjoyable moments. The carefree family vacation offered by Beyond the Moon (before or after a treatment) and our interactive 3D murals at children's hospitals (during a consultation or a hospitalisation) give them the energy they need to experience some joy in their life and to continue their daily struggle against the disease.




Read the quotes from the thank you letters and evaluation forms we receive from our families. They are the tangible and transparent evidence that your support is very important and valuable!

Companies, schools, clubs

We can rely on fixed partners who bear the operating costs. Others help us with a gift, a marketing or staff action, in-kind support, etc.


The assistance of doctors, professors and social workers in hospitals and institutions is essential to find the right families, who meet our selection criteria.


Motivated volunteers reinforce our team and are happy to help us during events or for an administrative task.