Pascale Somers


"As the mother of two healthy children, I care for Beyond the Moon as my third child, whom I let embrace and support by people with the heart at the right place. Together with my colleague Elena Delisse, our volunteers and members, we are a small organisation with a strong and very solid team. We do our work with passion and dedication. I feel privileged to commit myself to Beyond the Moon on a daily and full-time basis and to take my responsibility in the interest of the organisation. It is a huge responsibility towards families who really need to be supported and also with respect to the sponsors and partners who trust us. Our work is  heartwarming and very gratifying. It feels so good to see the smiling faces of our families, sponsors and partners. When they are happy and satisfied, so are we. Together, we look forward to increasing our name awareness and spreading our mission for many more years."

Pascale Somers, Manager & Co-Founder



Contact persons - daily operations: 

Pascale Somers: Manager & Co-Founder

Elena Delisse: Administrator Family Vacations


Registered office:
Beyond the Moon vzw

Zandstraat 27K

B-2223 Schriek (Grootlo/Heist-op-den-Berg), Belgium

CBE Number: 0873.856.370

RPR Antwerp, department Mechelen


Ingrid Bottelberghs

Peter Colson

Emiel De Smedt | Board Member and President

Lieve Myvis | Board Member and Co-Founder

Pascale Somers | Board Member and Vice-President

Luc Van Milders

Lut Wille | Board Member