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Our Beyond the Moon 'Offer a Vacation' project (*) helps us offer families with a seriously ill child the opportunity to enjoy a memorable, cost-free vacation in a child-friendly environment and to spend carefree quality time together, far away from hospitals, before or after a medical treatment.


We strongly believe that a relaxing vacation is a fundamental right for everyone, especially for families with a sick child. We offer them only once a relaxing all-in cost-free family vacation to a destination that appeals to the children's imagination. Beyond the Moon takes care of everything. Families only need to pack their suitcases.

Our annual objectives of this project

- book at least a family vacation per week (52 vacations/year) 

- raise sufficient funds to finance these vacations

- offer the families unforgettable memories (seriously ill child, the parents and siblings)

- provide tangible results to our sponsors


Raising money for Beyond the Moon means that you can see the tangible results of your contribution very close to home, as you can help a family from your own region or country. We are grateful for any kind of support and provide feedback by means of family testimonials to make your support transparent.


A sponsor can either finance the entire fee for sponsoring a family vacation or donate a smaller contribution, which will be added to donations from one or more sponsors. In the latter case, the sponsor will become a co-sponsor of a family. Moreover, we apply a specific process for families with a sick child coming from another European country, than Belgium.


Learn more on how Beyond the Moon finds families with a sick child. As sponsor, you may nominate yourself a family with a sick child. Beyond the Moon handles every application with the necessary diplomacy, while taking our privacy policy into account, and according to a well-considered list of selection criteria

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