Let a sick child be a child again

Spread our mission, cycle or run and put our charity in the spotlight, organise a fundraiser and invite others to support us. Each contribution help us improve the quality of life of families with a sick child and will have an immediate, positive and long-lasting impact on those families, who most need our help. Beyond the Moon deliberately doesn't claim government grants.

Beyond the Moon can annually count on the support of a number of loyal partners, who fully cover its operating costs. We do not spend a single euro for advertising or renting (our employees work from home). We can count on free media and marketing, word-of-mouth and we benefit from free Google AdWords. Each donation to our charity is fully used to offer a family vacation to families with a seriously ill child.


We annually rely on the support and goodwill of businesses, service clubs, sports and music associations, schools and private persons. They help us by chosing among the following options or they come up with their own ideas. Together we make a difference in the life of a family with a sick child.

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You can safely, quickly and easily make a donation to Beyond the Moon with your smartphone.

Option 1: Your bank account is linked to the Payconiq by Bancontact app (free download), then click at the bottom on "Shops" in the app and type "Beyond the Moon" OR scan our unique QR code. Select the amount of your donation. In the text box "Message (optional)", you can enter your name and possibly another reference (maximum 35 characters and no signs). Then, we will know you made a donation and you will receive a tax-deductible receipt (only for Belgian residents) provided your one-off contribution (or total gifts over a year) is of at least € 40.

Option 2: One-off micro donations can be quickly and safely made via our unique QR code. Scan our QR code with the Payconiq by Bancontact app or with your banking app. Select the amount and click on pay. Thanks!


Tip: TAX-DEDUCTIBLE RECEIPT: If only your bank card, and not your bank account, is linked to the Payconiq by Bancontact app, it is not yet possible to add a message, reference or leave your personal data. To make sure we get your data (e.g. for a tax-deductible receipt; applicable for Belgian residents only), send us your data by email in order for us to provide you a tax-deductible receipt should your donation over a year be of at least € 40.