Beyond the Moon provides a tangible and transparent result in exchange for the support you offer us.   


Since 2005, our recognised charity Beyond the Moon offers families in need with a sick child a cost-free family vacation, far away from the hospital. This is not a luxury, but rather a valuable investment in the well-being and resilience of the whole family. The stress and strain of caring for a sick child can be overwhelming. For a variety of reasons, Beyond the Moon's mission is invaluable to them. They can spend quality time and have the opportunity to relax and escape from everyday worries and stress. A new environment is beneficial for mental well-being, and happy memories often improve the healing process and recharge the batteries. It is an opportunity to experience precious moments together, find peace and mutual support and, in many cases, strengthen family ties.  


Beyond the Moon brings about lasting and heartwarming memories and a good feeling, on the one hand, to the families with a sick child enjoying a carefree vacation and, on the other, to the sponsors and partners supporting our charity.

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