We offer seriously ill children, their parents and siblings only once a relaxing all-in cost-free family vacation to a destination that appeals to the children's imagination. Beyond the Moon takes care of everything. Families only need to pack their suitcases.  


We give hope, energy and joy: Families with a sick child constantly cherish the hope for better times and more enjoyable moments. The carefree family vacation offered by Beyond the Moon gives them the energy they need to experience some joy in their life and to continue their daily struggle against the disease.


Our objectives

Every year, we assume our responsibilities and we try to achieve our goals. We strive to:

  • book at least a family vacation per week (52 vacations/year) 
  • raise sufficient funds to finance these vacations
  • offer the families unforgettable memories
  • provide tangible results to our sponsors
  • increase our name awareness
  • diversify our portfolio of European sponsors, while preserving a mutually respectful (long-term) collaboration, in which transparency, tangibility and recognition are paramount