With the support of our sponsors & partners, Beyond the Moon implements two projects to brighten up the life and improve the well-being of families with a seriously ill child. Both ‘Offer a Vacation’ and ‘Paint a Smile’ ensure that together we support and encourage them



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Since Beyond the Moon was founded in 2005, our main project 'Offer a Vacation' provides families with a sick child an unforgettable vacation experience before or after a medical treatment, far away from the hospital. Taking a break and reloading the batteries with new energy is extremely important for the morale of these families and strengthens family ties. Our unique project puts a smile on the face of the sick child and other family members.


NEWS: Our 'Offer a Vacation' project is put on hold since March 2020. Due to the corona crisis, a vacation for our target group is for the time being not possible. Many of them are fighting a daily battle... not only now, not even for a while, but often during many years. Our families count on us, even after the Covid-19 era!



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Since Spring 2021, our side project “Paint a Smile” brings colour into the life of families with a sick child and puts a smile back on their faces during a hospitalisation or consultation at the hospital. The result promotes mental well-being and relieves the pain in their days, which are often synonymous with stress, anxiety and loneliness.