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Our ‘Paint a Smile’ project brings a colourful and lively vacation experience of an animal family to the often dull, chilly rooms in hospitals by means of interactive 3D murals and offers a sick child something beautiful to look at, during an hospitalisation or a consultation at the children's hospital. 


This project was started in 2021, despite and partly due to Covid-19, because family vacations were not possible during the pandemic. Find here some references and reactions from parents and medical staff confirming that this project is beneficial to the child's imagination and mental well-being.


The main project of Beyond the Moon remains ‘Offer a Vacation’, to which we will yearly devote 100% of our attention. Nevertheless, ‘Paint a Smile’ will be annually evaluated and could also be implemented as secondary project, depending on the demand, the available funds and the involvement of sponsors & partners. 


WE GIVE HOPE, ENERGY AND JOY: Our slogan not only applies to our ‘Offer a Vacation’ project, but also to our ‘Paint a Smile’ project. The child can use up energy and courage to fight against the disease and experience joy while interacting with the 3D mural. To a possible extent, he/she will cherish hope for recovery and can look forward to a family holiday through our vacation project.


- bring nature, joy, colour and an experience to a children's hospital to make the consultation or hospitalisation for the sick child more pleasant and less stressing

- provide a therapeutic support tool to soothe pain 

- relieve their day-to day discomforts, often synonymous with stress, worry and loneliness 

 - make them forget for a while the all too often traumatic medical world and let them dream away in an animal world 

- strengthen our relationship with children's hospitals and express our gratitude to the healthcare sector and recognise them for their daily commitment to our target group and many others


Do you wish to make use of this offer as hospital? Click on the orange button here below. 

Note: Our "Paint a Smile" project is only applicable in Belgium, until further notice. This project benefits i.a. hospitalised sick children, a project through which we join, among others, the Charter of EACH (European Association for Children in Hospital). EACH is an international umbrella organisation open to European non-governmental, non-profit national associations involved in the welfare of children in hospital and other health care services. In 1988, all members created a Charter stipulating in 10 points the rights of sick children and their families before, during and after a stay in hospital and in other healthcare services. The rights mentioned in the Charter apply to all sick children, regardless of their illness, age or disability, their origin or their social or cultural background, or of any possible reason for treatment or forms or places of treatment, whether as in-patients or out-patients. With our secondary project “Paint a Smile”, we refer amongst others to Article 7: Children shall have full opportunity for play, recreation and education suited to their age and condition and shall be in an environment designed, furnished, staffed and equipped to meet their needs.