Get inspired by the following activities and / or participate in the sports and other activities, with and to the benefit of Beyond the Moon, organised by our charity and/or third parties. Do you plan a fundraiser in aid of Beyond the Moon? Let us know who, what, when, where, how.  Have a look at our promotional material to support your activity.


  • 1 October - 10 December: Order and send our Christmas & New Year cards 2022 to support families with a sick child. They can be personalised with your name, company logo and text.
  • On-going fundraiser - The Perfect Gift Fair: A virtual market, called The Perfect Gift Fair, will run again throughout the next 12 months with special editions for Christmas, January Sales, Valentine and Mother's Day 2022.
  • On-going action - online shopping: Via OUR TROOPERPAGE ONLY you can let the online shops know that you want to support Beyond the Moon. The link does the job and you can just shop in many shop categories (travel, grocery, clothes, shoes, garden, house,...)  like you normally do, without spending any extra euro. A percentage of every purchase you make goes to Beyond the Moon. Everyone is happy! Tip to avoid forgetting us when you online shop again: download the Trooperbot Blieb on your computer.
Do Sport


′Do Sport′: Playing sports and doing exercise brings people together. It is moreover good for the body and soul, especially when it is linked to our charity. Discover hereunder our sports activities on the agenda and learn more about our 'Do Sport' idea with past examples and on how you can put Beyond the Moon in the spotlight.