Our proud Godfather and Godmother

Former multiple cyclo-cross world champion and entrepreneur Niels Albert & his wife Valeska Van den Broecke are Beyond the Moon’s loving godfather and godmother since 11th June 2024.  


"It was a touching moment when we became better acquainted with the inspiring work of the charity Beyond the Moon. Their story is sincere, and their approach is transparent, it touched us deeply. I think it's important to spend time with my family, and I also recognise that focus on quality-time with the family in what Beyond the Moon does. Located at just a stone's throw from our Niels Albert Bike Store, we immediately felt connected to this wonderful charity," says Niels. 


"Being blessed with an amazing daughter, Alexine, who is healthy and well, makes us all the more aware of how privileged we are," Valeska continued. "We realise that not all families have this luxury. For many, a vacation is not a given, especially when having to deal with the challenging reality and many worries of a sick child." 


"We are committed to helping spread their mission and raising awareness about the difficulties these families face every day. We believe in the power of solidarity and would like to contribute wherever we can, with both personal actions and the help of our own business network. This noble cause deserves more support, and we hope that many, alongside us, will help make it happen. Together with Beyond the Moon, we want to bring hope, energy and joy to families who need it so badly. Because every child deserves a chance to shine and enjoy life, regardless of the circumstances," Niels concludes. 


With love and determination,

Niels & Valeska


"Every child deserves a chance

to shine and enjoy life,

regardless of the circumstances."

- Niels Albert - 

Niels Valeska

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