Our families always return home with suitcases full of stories and beautiful holiday memories. The families' testimonials we quote on our 'Offer a Vacation' project are copied from thank-you letters, postcards and completed evaluation forms. They are evidence that your support and commitment remain very important and are valuable.


References from medical staff and parents on our 'Paint a Smile' project prove the impact our colourful interactive 3D murals have on the mental well-being of children, who often stay in hospital for long periods of time. They bring lots of joy and a rich imaginary world to the often dull and chilly hospital room.

The testimonials of companies, schools and clubs (service clubs, sports and youth associations) who work with us, also give us an extra push to continue working with them.

Thanks to the medical experience and knowledge of professors, doctors, social workers and other healthcare professionals, we can together find the appropriate families who, based on our selection criteria, are eligible for a Beyond the Moon vacation. The testimonials from hospitals confirm that your help and our support remain necessary.

Last but not least, our volunteers are not only good ambassadors, they also are invaluable to our association. Their helping hands are always very practical. The testimonials of our volunteers inspire more and more volunteers.


Note: Each testimonial was freely transmitted by its author, who gave us permission to use it on our website & social media, in our annual year overview and for our promotional material.