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We are delighted that as a follower on our social media or as a sponsor, partner, hospital contact or family member of a sick child, you feel connected to our charity. Your support means everything to us, and together we make a difference in the lives of many courageous families.


But, let's not stop there - let's spread it to others! Your opinion and experience are valuable and can inspire others to participate in our mission. It's simple, just follow these two simple steps:


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Why share your opinion? Because your voice helps us push boundaries! Your review can open doors to new opportunities. Together we can create even more smiling faces and unforgettable memories for families with a sick child. (Be sure to check out our family book to see how your support is changing lives.)


We thank you for your willingness to spread your voice and our mission. Together we set in motion a positive movement that makes the world a better place.


With warm regards,

Beyond the Moon Team