Accessing and using this website and entering into contact with us, implies that you accept the Beyond the Moon privacy policy, and accept the below-mentioned detailed information on our privacy policy specifically for families with a seriously ill child, who submit a holiday application for a free, all-in family vacation offered by Beyond the Moon.

1. USE OF PERSONAL DATABeyond the Moon needs certain personal data of you to be able to investigate your application form regarding a Beyond the Moon holiday, as well as to book a stay and all the necessary arrangements for a family holiday, should it be granted. We also process data in other specific cases related to information requests, newsletter subscriptions and events, orders for promotional materials and visits to our website.

For the organisation of a family holiday, Beyond the Moon is in contact with its holiday partners who receive certain personal data and process them on our behalf. For example, for booking flight or train tickets, taxi transfers, accommodation or medical accessories, personal data must be shared with the relevant holiday partners. As determined by law, Beyond the Moon requires your written consent to obtain and process your personal data and to send them to our holiday partners.

What kind of information do we need from you? 

The application form we ask you to fill in (on paper or digital) contains all the personal data we need to investigate whether your family is eligible, if we can answer all the necessary needs of the sick child and the family and in the end to proceed with the organisation of a family holiday, should it be granted.


Reservation system of our holiday partners and the night register of the holiday park

The data of all family members, and of any accompanying person, is processed in the reservation system of our respective holiday partners. In order to register a booking in the holiday park where you will be staying, the park needs the first and family name, the gender and the date of birth of all family members, and of a possible travel companion, in order to confirm the reservation and to be able to address you personally during your stay, if necessary. The reservation system and the night register of the holiday park must possess this information of all persons staying at the park. Beyond the Moon digitally completes the night register form for your family, and any travel companion, and the data will be processed for the relevant town where the holiday park is located. This is necessary in case of calamities, i.e a (natural) disaster, fire or an unexpected event that can cause serious damage.

For the following reasons, we also need to know the date of birth of all travellers: The tourist tax may depend on the age of the persons staying in the accommodation. The price of the flight and train tickets also varies according to the age of the passengers. And, should the sick child celebrate his birthday during the stay, we will take care of a small extra surprise.

For more information about the privacy policy of our holiday partners, please consult their privacy policies. 


Medical data of the sick child

In order to be able to investigate your application form and to take a well-considered decision about the granting of a free Beyond the Moon family holiday, we need to receive medical data about the health condition of the sick child and whether specific medical needs are required. These medical data allow us to decide whether the sick child and his or her family meet our selection criteria and, after consultation with the child’s primary care physician, to carefully investigate whether a stay can be arranged, taking the specific medical constraints or other special needs into account. The organisation of a tailor-made holiday is only possible when we carefully examine the confidential information we possess, and when we are able to meet and respond to the specific needs of the sick child and his or her family. We believe that it is very important and crucial to carefully examine each application in order to prevent and avoid disappointments and risks. The medical data we possess - obtained with the prior consent of the parents, single parent, guardian or young adult older than 16 years (provided to us via the application form) - are processed only by Beyond the Moon, in order to organise the family holiday and to adequately respond to the medical needs and other needs of the family, and in particular, those of the sick child.


Your home and email address

Most of the information about your family holiday is sent by e-mail. However, a complete package with travel documents and practical information regarding your family holiday will also be sent to your home address, a few days before departure. In the absence of an e-mail address, all correspondence will only be sent by post to your home address.


Your phone number

From the moment Beyond the Moon has received your application form, we will contact you by phone to get more details, to explain our vacation offer and, should the holiday be granted, to discuss the possible travel dates and specific needs of the family.  

Before departure, we call you again to discuss the latest details and to answer any questions you might have. Finally, a few days after your return back home, we will call you to find out whether everything went smoothly and as desired and whether everyone has enjoyed the stay.


Your bank details

When the family holiday is granted, we need your bank details to be able to transfer the pocket money to your back account and to be able to reimburse any expenses, a few days before departure.

2. SHARING PERSONAL DATAFor the organisation of your holiday, we need to communicate part of your personal data to our holiday partners. These partners only receive the information that is necessary for the execution of the assignment that we entrust to them (for example: reservation of the stay, taxi transport, rental of medical equipment, flight or train tickets). For more information about the privacy policy of our holiday partners, please consult their privacy policies.

Your personal data will be saved in our database and will only be processed by the person responsible for the administration and the handling of the family files. In the absence of this person, and at any other time, the Manager of Beyond the Moon is entitled to also consult and process this information.


Your personal data will be saved for as long as required by law and, in all cases, from the moment we’ve received your application form until after your return back home and the receipt of your feedback (photos and evaluation form). We save your family and contact details for statistical reasons and for future events. Beyond the Moon, and sometimes some of its sponsors, organises family events to which our families can participate. On the one hand, contact details are thus used to invite families, who have enjoyed a Beyond the Moon holiday, or will enjoy, for those events. In the evaluation form (see question 19) you give us your consent or not. On the other hand, Beyond the Moon, as a charity, is required to save a minimum of data of families, whom we have offered a family holiday.


Your opinion can help other families. By sharing your experiences by means of the evaluation form, that we kindly ask you to complete after your family holiday, you will provide us with an evaluation of the holiday park where you have stayed and about the services of this holiday partner. We review your responses to evaluate and improve our vacation offer for future families, if and where necessary. In case of a complaint or a problem, we will contact you to get additional information and to thank you for your feedback. When you have reported us a problem, we can also judge to communicate your response to the holiday partner concerned, to avoid a similar problem in the future.

Finally, it is only thanks to the financial support of our sponsors that we are able to offer a holiday to families with a seriously ill child. It goes without saying that they would like to know what was achieved with their funds. To make the financial support of your sponsor more tangible, and only after we have received your consent (see question 16 in the evaluation form), we forward to your sponsor - for his personal reading and/or internal use - some holiday photos and the evaluation form, that you have sent us out of free will and voluntarily.


Beyond the Moon is occasionally asked by its sponsors for an interview in a magazine, a staff newspaper or a CSR report. This can sometimes include a testimony of a family that benefited from a cost-free Beyond the Moon vacation. Should this be the case on behalf of your sponsor, and should you have accepted in the evaluation form (see question 17) to participate in such an interview - by ticking the box 'yes ‘ - then Beyond the Moon will, on your behalf, give the sponsor the approval to use a quote from your thank you letter and/or from your completed evaluation form, together with some pictures. The layout of the text and photos is checked, amended if necessary, and approved by Beyond the Moon before publication. You will also receive a copy of this publication.

In order to make the support of our sponsors tangible and to let the general public know what Beyond the Moon does with the funds acquired, we publish on our website, on our Facebook page, on other social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter), in our printed material and in our annual overview quotes, with our without photos, from the testimonials of families, who have given their consent on the basis of their answer to question 20 in the evaluation form.
In general, the personal data that is revealed to the general public consist exclusively of: the first letter of your family name, your place of residence, the first name of the child, if you had mentioned it in your feedback (note: on our Facebook, your sick child's name is not mentioned, but replaced by 'our son' or 'our daughter’), and the name of the holiday park. Beyond The Moon does not communicate about the disease.


Should you have any questions related to our privacy policy, please contact us.
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All e-mail messages sent to and from Beyond the Moon can be monitored to ensure compliance with the internal privacy policy and to protect our organisation. More info via our disclaimer.


Beyond the Moon reserves itself the right to make changes to its privacy policy and its detailed information on our privacy policy specific for families with a sick child. Therefore, regularly review our privacy policy for an update.


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