Garage Special


Garage Special found it "the max" to cycle for Beyond the Moon to the top of the Mont Ventoux in 2019. We were completely taken by the project during our campaign. The passion and dedication with which this charity works is as "contagious" as a virus, with the difference that it is benign and it gives you tons of energy!


Beyond The Moon deserves your support for the amazing work they do all year round. They radiate an incredible amount of passion, warmth and love. You also notice that there is an enormous amount of solidarity among people and that people greatly appreciate it when you do "important and useful" work for a good cause. It is so gratifying. Nothing else gives you a better feeling than making someone happy! Moreover, we also believe that performing a good deed comes back to you in one way or another. After all, the proverb is not for nothing: "Charity will be rewarded in heaven".


We encourage everyone to commit oneself to Beyond the Moon. It provides you with such an unbelievably good feeling, it is very rewarding and no vitamin cure gives you as much energy than a collaboration with Beyond the Moon!


The power lies in your hands, Beyond the Moon will put a "golden edging" around!