How satisfied are you with the Beyond the Moon vacation?

Family testimonials make our heart beat faster. Since 2005, they are a huge encouragement for the daily commitment and drive of our employees and volunteers!  It's also very important for the transparency of our association that our sponsors and partners see what they are helping to achieve with their donation and support. Therefore, your feedback is crucial to our fundraising (we do not receive government subsidies)so that we are able to give other families with a seriously ill child the same opportunity you have been offered.


  • DIGITAL: The .PDF document can only be completed online via Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (*). How? Click on the image and save the .PDF document on your computer. Move the cursor to the document, right-click and indicate: Open with (you get a list box, click on:) Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Click on 'Tools' at the top, then on 'Fill in & Sign'. After you have filled in everything, first save the completed document on your computer and then (1.) send/upload it via the button below, together with (2.) some holiday photos for our family book 
  • (*) Download here the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and save the programme on your computer, if it is not already saved on it.
  • HANDWRITTEN: Click on the image of the .PDF document, print it and fill it in manually. Scan the completed document and send it (1.) via the button below, together with (2.) some holiday photos for our family book.

    OR If you don't have a scanner, take a photo of each page and upload the three photos below (1.)

Download this .PDF document
on your computer

(1.) Upload below from the computer the (scanned/saved) completed evaluation form:


OR In case you took photos of the completed evaluation form with your smartphone, upload the photos of the three pages one by one 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3 here below.

(2.) Upload here holiday photos and possibly also a short holiday video (maximum 30 seconds), via the computer and/or your smartphone:


If it is not possible to upload the photos via this web page, they can also be sent with your smartphone via Whatsapp to 0499/74.75.23 or via Messenger on our Facebook page.