Staff, students and members have great respect for businesses, schools and clubs that embrace Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and organise a fundraiser for a charity. Thereby, they improve their brand image, motivate their staff and create a team spirit that is essential for long-term success.


Join our teambuilding and other (sports) activities or actions and participate in the development of a faithful partnership. Lots of fun and a great team spirit guaranteed! Check our calendar.

  • Card sale: Order and personalise our Christmas and New Year cards to send your wishes (annual action from October till mid-December).
  • Sports activities: run, hike, swim, play golf, dance, cycle, row, play football...  at an event organised by a third party and wear our sports outfit. See our 'Move for Beyond the Moon' project.
  • Shop online: Make your online purchases via our Trooper page without paying an extra euro. An easy way to support our charity! 
  • Change for Children: Place our collection box and donation envelopes in a visible spot. All world currencies are accepted (coins and notes) and we can handle the logistics for large weights. Or you can do the counting yourself and transfer the amount to Beyond the Moon's bank account.
  • Anniversaries & Network Events: We celebrate our anniversary every five years and invite our families, sponsors & partners. We sometimes also organise together with and for our sponsors & partners other activities and events. All these activities are always organised with a "zero budget". Due to Covid-19, our 15th anniversary celebration on May 9, 2020 was unfortunately cancelled.
  • Business and environmentally-friendly action: Choose Beyond the Moon as beneficiary of the compensation for your empty toners and ink cartridges, old mobile phones or IT equipment. Recycle with us (You will be redirected to the website of our partner Recyca handling the logistics. Applicable in Belgium only.)
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