(News: March 11, 2020)
The situation with regard to the coronavirus does not leave Beyond the Moon unmoved either. 
After an in-depth internal consultation, it was with great regret that we made the yet difficult, but sensible, decision to cancel and postpone until further notice our 15th anniversary party on Saturday 9 May 2020, for the sake of everyone involved. 

For over 15 years, Beyond the Moon has made every effort to live up to its name in a professional way and to have our charity be surrounded by people with the heart in the right place. Therefore, we want to take our responsibility towards all parties involved, who have so far cooperated to prepare our party, as well as towards our volunteers and the guests of our sponsors & partners.

In addition, as a charity, Beyond the Moon does not want to take any risk of putting invited families with a seriously ill child into an aggravated medical situation that may be detrimental if, by chance, an infection were to develop during our party. Something we obviously want to avoid at all cost for all our guests. 
This is not yet the end of the story...  We are not fully cancelling the idea of a birthday party for now. As soon as there is more clarity and the situation around the coronavirus is back to normal, a new date will follow in 2020 (or maybe later?). 
We count on everyone's understanding about our decision.