Get off to a good start with these tips:


  1. Launch your own fundraising campaign, be realistic, but also ambitious: Call upon your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances to support you. Each additional euro will motivate you to reach your goal.
  2. Start and customise your own promotion and fundraising page: You can launch a fundraising campaign via our Facebook page (*) or create a promotion page via an online platform (e.g. Go Fund Me). You can easily share such a page via social media to raise funds. Tag Beyond the Moon so we're also up to date. 
  3. Mention the tax benefit: If your supporters donate at least € 40.00 directly on the Beyond the Moon bank account BE41 0014 7129 7010, they will receive a tax-deductible receipt the following calendar year. A donation is tax deductible at 45%, in other words, a donation of €40,00 actually costs only €22,00. Learn more about tax certificates (only for Belgian-based donors).
  4. Use social media: Put a profile or cover photo on your Facebook showing your fundraiser for Beyond the Moon. (Learn more about using Beyond the Moon’s name and logo​​​​​​.​) Share your workouts on social media with a link to your personal fundraising campaign page. The more you talk about it, the more those around you will feel involved in your challenge and will follow and support your progress.
  5. Change your email signature: Mention your challenge in your private email signature or your professional one (if authorised by your employer). We can create for you a personalised website banner or unique e-mail banner and deliver it to you, so you can link it to your personal fundraising campaign page. (see some examples below). 
  6. Also inform and involve your employer: Convince your employer to sponsor you in favour of our charity (e.g. by doubling the amount raised). Employers lend a hand to socially engaged employees. Provided the address is known, we will send your employer a thank you letter to acknowledge the company for its social commitment. Colleagues will be more inclined to support you.

GOOD LUCK!  Any questions? Contact us.


* Note: For small amounts under € 40.00 or donations made by people for whom a tax deduction is not a must, a fundraising campaign through our Facebook page can be simple and interesting. However, be aware that donations as from €40.00 paid to the benefit of Beyond the Moon via an external platform (such as Facebook or Go Fund Me) do not give right to a tax-deductible receipt. Indeed, this donation is initially deposited on a Facebook account and only then transferred to Beyond the Moon. Therefore, making a donation directly to our bank account is the only way to obtain a tax certificate for donors requiring a tax deduction. ​​​​​​​

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