Team work makes the dream work

The coordination of the “Paint a Smile” project is entirely managed by Beyond the Moon. Together with an art craftsman, we conceive each scene, including the interaction triggered by an animal family in our 3D murals. Moreover, we are very pleased, proud and grateful to be working with renowned companies and professionals, who help us with the preparation and implementation of this project. Everyone's professional approach is invaluable. 'Paint a Smile' puts a smile on the face of all parties involved!



Dirk is our permanent project partner for artistic and decorative painting. He brings nature and the animal kingdom into the children's rooms of the hospitals with which Beyond the Moon has worked for many years. 

Based on an idea, put forward by Beyond the Moon or himself, he transforms every hospital room into a more pleasant space where children can for a while forget the often frightening medical world. 

Dirk: “I like working for people, who have a clear vision and it feels good to be part of such a team. It is also very nice to see what these interactive 3D murals induce in sick children and adults. I don't always think about it, but it gives me pleasure and satisfaction for the work I deliver.” 


Pascale_Paint a Smile

The Painting Company Woutim NV from Peer (Belgium), has been active in the sector for 40 years. Over the years, this company has grown into a professional all-round company that manages all disciplines in the field of painting. The family business committed itself with its team of professional painters to vouch for the wall preparation of the rooms in children's hospitals, on which the artist will afterwards paint the interactive 3D mural. Because Woutim provides the wall with a fresh coat of paint, the result comes out even more beautifully.

“Entrepreneurship also means taking social responsibilities. We contribute to this by supporting the beautiful Beyond the Moon painting project,” says Mario Timmers, Managing Director of Woutim NV.

Logo WP

The WP International Team from Roeselare (Belgium) are masters in signage, advertising, signalling, etc. They made Alu frames with a unique QR code. That code points out to families with a sick child the way to our website where they can share their feelings about our interactive 3D murals during a consultation or a hospitalisation. Beyond the Moon is allowed to share their feedback under the references and testimonials.