So cool that you scanned the QR code next to one of our many interactive 3D murals in a children's hospital! We welcome you to the Beyond the Moon website, a non-profit organisation founded in 2005 to offer a carefree family vacation to families with a sick child through our main project 'Offer a Vacation'

Our secondary project 'Paint a Smile' was only created in 2021, partly due to Covid-19 and the temporary interruption of family vacations. Because even during crisis periods, we want to hearten sick children. 


The form below can only be filled in by parents whose child is/has been hospitalised and/or has recently been at the hospital for a consultation.

Note: The healthcare staff can also speak up. Do you work in a hospital where our interactive 3D murals are implemented? Send us an email with your opinion which, with your consent, we will use as testimonial. Add a (group) photo with colleagues next to our 3D mural and be creative in your  interaction.


Your feedback is very valuable to us: 

Via the form below, we would like to know what our 'Paint a Smile' project has brought to your child during the hospitalisation or consultation. How did he/she react to it? 


Upload one (or more) cool and funny photo(s) of your child interacting with the 3D mural (see some examples). Via the buttons below (choose a file), you can easily upload the photos from a smartphone or computer.


Is Beyond the Moon allowed to use your comments for its references page and communication? (no mention of last name, only first name and age)  *


Upon receipt of your feedback (short sentence + an interactive (family) photo with your child near the mural painting) you can win a card set, if you indicate that you wish some. Every month, a few entries are chosen as winners.